Financial service companies including banks and insurance companies can use Virtual Strategy to consolidate and manage finances, profitability and assess mergers and acquisitions across operating companies and divisions, and do program management. [ more >> ]

Optimize the performance and profitability of stores, catalog and internet sales, segment their customers to improve repeat selling/cross selling/upselling. Manage profitability and planning down to the SKU level. Support proactive scenario based marketing campaign management. [ More>> ]

Use Virtual Strategy to optimize and manage relationships with suppliers, customers and partners. Assess the impact of potential supply and demand based economic and industry data. Optimize profitability and plant operations. [ More>> ]

Construct an enterprise model of all operations. Manage yield and optimize operating performance. Assess the impact of tactical and strategic marketing campaigns before they are executed. Assess the impact of pricing policies on margin and revenue before price changes are implemented. [ More>> ]

Consolidate and manage operations across many locations and subsidiaries so that patient outcomes and financial performance can be optimized. Manage risks. Assess and manage mergers and acquisitions.
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Consolidate enterprise financial and operating data across operating companies or divisions. Manage actual general ledger based profitability all levels. Plan using rolling-forward budgeting based on actual. Forecast the business based on internal and external leading and lagging indicators. [ More>> ]

Implement a scenario based program management capability to manage strategy and operations using a dynamic electronic program workbook. Play 'what-ifs' around new product introduction, strategic and tactical initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, or other operations decisions. [ More>> ]

Manage customer and partner relationships with advanced sales and marketing capabilities including: Customer segmentation, segment scoring, multichannel campaign management, 360 degree view of customers and partners, sales management capabilities to optimize tactical and strategic decisions about margin and revenue. [ More>> ]




Eastern Bank, a $4B bank deployed Virtual Strategy to provide an easy to use enterprise information portal to manage profitability at the product, customer, account, and branch levels based on the actual operating performance of the bank. VSI provided advanced 'what if' capabilities for retail banking operations in support of tactical and strategic decisions.

Implementation: 1 month

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