Virtual Strategy provides retailers with the ability to track performance and profitability down to the SKU based on point of sales data, inventories, orders, and other merchandising data. Organizations can load line item transactions directly into the enterprise model for accurate, near real-time reporting of profitability associated with stores, customers, and products down to the SKU.

Perform complex analysis of consumer patterns such as repeat sales and seasonality. Add external indicators and customer segmentation data, and use this data to determine product affinity, cross-selling potential, and product placement.

Dynamically segment products and customers and restructure the organization using VSI's drag & drop portal interface to see the potential effects at every level of the enterprise. Generate customer lists and create pinpoint marketing campaigns to increase return and minimize customer base cannibalization.

Next, use Virtual Strategy's electronic campaign management tools to track and assess campaign performance targeting the right customers and prospects. Schedule campaigns, assign resources, manage risks, and create projected financials from the enterprise model. Actual responses and financial data is automatically loaded back into the system to get accurate feedback on campaign profitability, reach and effectiveness. Manage using annual rolling forward budgeting based on actuals.

Manage your back room by tracking inventory patterns and vendor statistics. Streamline purchasing, reduce shelf time, and even track the direct effect of alternate vendors on profitability.

  • Rapid enterprise implementations in 1-2 months
  • Easy to use interface lowers training and operations costs
  • Easy to administer, operate and enhance
  • Excel-based interface allows business analysts to create their own custom analysis and reports for deployment without the need for costly programming




Modell's deployed Virtual Strategy to provide advanced POS based merchandising planning a profitability capabilities. Using VSI Modell's is able to assess profitability in near real time at all levels down to the SKU.

Implementation: 2 months


Create electronic marketing campaign books linked to the sales, inventory, orders and other data as well as campaign results to create a closed loop solution.



Create multiple customer segmentation models and analyze the profitability and cross selling , upselling and repeat selling possibilities.


Use MAPINFO compatible geographic capabilities to plot any internal or external data by geography.