Create an enterprise model of operations including suppliers, vendors, inventories, raw materials, and transportation components. Inventories, work in progress and supply chains may be managed using Virtual Strategy's advanced information portal. 'What ifs' around suppliers, inventories can be produced to minimize risk, smooth operations and improve utilization and profitability. Virtual Strategy integrates with current investments in SAP, Siebel, Baan and MRP/ERP systems.

External economic and pricing indicators can be loaded to provide a full micro economic model of the manufacturer's operations in the larger economy. Assessments of plant shutdowns, resource changes and product line reconfigurations can be made in seconds.

Manage new product develolpment and life cycles using Virtual Strategy's advanced electronic program management capabilities with integrated rolling forward budgeting.

  • Rapid enterprise implementations in 1-2 months
  • Easy to use interface lowers training and operations costs
  • Easy to administer, operate and enhance
  • Excel-based interface allows business analysts to create their own custom analysis and reports for deployment without the need for costly programming




Modell's deployed Virtual Strategy to provide advanced POS based merchandising planning a profitability capabilities. Using VSI Modell's is able to assess profitability in near real time at all levels down to the SKU.

Implementation: 2months


Scenario based management of suppliers, vendors, inventories and transportation alternatives. Analysis of custom pricing and margin alternatives with major accounts.


Use MAPINFO compatible geographic capabilities to plot any internal or external data by geography.