Relationship Management

  • Create a 360° view of customers, partners and suppliers across multiple systems
  • Identify cross selling/repeat selling/up selling opportunities
  • Generate target prospect lists for tactical campaigns
  • Optimize catalog distribution
  • Use marketing campaign books to manage, resources, expenses, and responses for multi-channel campaigns
  • Assess the potential impact of campaign alternatives and supply chain alternatives before decisions are made
  • Create multiple customer segmentation views to target the most profitable customers
  • Use Geographical Reporting to analyze internal and external data sources
  • Analyze vendor and supplier relationships and quality

Virtual Strategy provides a series of reporting and planning tools aimed at creating pinpoint marketing campaigns. VSI helps you to determine your most valued and profitable customers, along with their buying patterns, loyalty, and product affinity. Based on actual operations data, customers can be identified for upselling, cross-selling, and product conversion activities to improve profitability, while minimizing cannibalization.

Use Virtual Strategy to determine market segmentation and performance based on factors such as age, income, geographical location, consumer confidence, or past buying patterns. Create programs aimed at marketing to this select group with forecast financials based on previous campaign returns and multiple regression analysis.

Cost and results are automatically calculated as campaign results are automatically loaded into the system and provide an accurate picture of profitability and performance. The resulting success rate of a marketing campaign is measured and used for future campaigns. Profitability is calculated for each campaign and Virtual Strategy's scenario management capabilities provide forward looking results on how many campaigns should be run and what the anticipated results will be. For the first time, finance and marketing can work on the same model to achieve the common goal of corporate long-term success.






Modell's deployed Virtual Strategy to provide advanced POS based merchandising planning a profitability capabilities. Using VSI Modell's is able to assess profitability in near real time at all levels down to the SKU.

Implementation: 2 months


Create electronic marketing campaign books linked to the sales, inventory, orders and other data as well as campaign results to create a closed loop solution.



Create multiple customer segmentation models and analyze the profitability and cross selling , upselling and repeat selling possibilities.


Create a consolidated view of each customer, partner or supplier relationships from multiple disparate systems including product, sales, transaction, marketing and other systems with dynamically generated recommendations for cross selling or relationship management