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Virtual Strategy provides Enterprise Business Analytics and Program Management capabilities for organizations in a rapidly changing world.

Virtual Strategy provides the ability to see: what is happening, why it is happening, what might happen next, and what can be done about it.

Virtual Strategy provides powerful Scenario Management capabilities enabling organizations and individuals to assess alternatives before decisions are made.

Scenarios may be assessed at any level of an organization. They may be used by sales or service providers to assess the impact of their interactions with clients/customers before they occur, by analysts to assess departmental or divisional decisions or by executives to assess alternatives at the highest level of an organization or across organization boundaries.

Executives may use Virtual Strategy to manage divisional or subsidiary operations, to provide consolidated reporting and compliance management, for mergers and acquisitions, for managing restructuring or growth, or to manage strategic alternatives in the broader organizational and economic environment.

Virtual Strategy is independent of management consulting methodology and can provide an 'electronic' means of organization management supporting these management techniques.

Virtual Strategy works with its clients to provide a complete enterprise model including many sources of information from both internal and external to the organization. These enterprise models can usually be built in a week to a month and provides the basis for analysis. Previously such models either could not be built or took years to develop.