Financial Services

Financial organizations with asset holdings ranging from small community banks to large multinational financial service companies are currently using Virtual Strategy to get a comprehensive view of their enterprise across all divisions and operating companies.

For the first time, companies can assess the impact of strategic and tactical decisions about the profitability of branches, products and customers before taking action. Complex activities such as cross selling and customer patterning can be projected using actual numbers from the enterprise model. Using this data, what-if scenarios can be modeled and marketing campaigns organized using advanced program management tools all contained in a single web portal environment.

Make an accurate view of the enterprise available to executives for reporting quarterly results, restructuring, projecting growth, and adjusting operations. Collect enterprise information from multiple sources and roll it up into one model for fast, accurate reporting.

Develop a robust profitability model and make changes to it, altering profitability calculations on the fly based on actual operating performance. Then, view the profitability of individual customers, segments, branches, officers, etc. at every level of the enterprise.

Create, manage, and track the results of multi-channel programs and campaigns from end to end. Generate client lists, assess reach, and generate accurate ROI and ROA to assess the effectiveness of these initiatives.

  • Rapid enterprise implementations in 1-2 months
  • Easy to use interface lowers training and operations costs
  • Easy to administer, operate and enhance
  • Excel-based interface allows business analysts to create their own custom analysis and reports for deployment without the need for costly programming




Nedcor Ltd, a multinational $21B bank created an enterprise model of 29 operating divisions, from 34 different sources of data, consolidating many financial, product and sales systems. Virtual Strategy also provided advanced scenario based program management capabilities that allow both strategic and tactical decisions to be 'played out' before they are made..

Implementation: 2 months


Consolidated financial Reporting across all operating units in your format with easy to use navigation, decomposition, forecasting and scenario based 'what if' capabilities.



Create electronic program books to manage all strategic and tactical initiatives. Managing Financials, resources, risks, strategy, processes, and customer impact simultaneously.



Use MAPINFO compatible geographic capabilities to plot any internal or external data by geography.