Financial Management

  • Consolidate financials from multiple systems to create an enterprise view
  • Create wizard based reports 'out of the box' without programming
  • Create custom reports and analysis to reflect the balance sheets, income statements and other reports of the organization
  • Calculate profitability based on actual expenses and revenues from the General Ledger and transaction systems at all levels
  • Distribute financial reporting and analysis through an intranet portal
  • Manage using rolling forward budgets based on actuals
  • Distribute financial reporting and analysis through an intranet portal
  • Forecast using leading and lagging internal and external indicators such as interest rates, consumer confidence, etc.

Virtual Strategy provides its customers with an up-to-date enterprise model that may be used for financial and operations management. It becomes the decision making infrastructure of the organization.

Online reporting and analysis is provided through Virtual Strategy's information portal that presents 'out of the box' reporting and custom Excel compatible scorecard reports modeled after the organizations financial and operations reports.

Because the enterprise model includes data down to the transaction level profitability can be determined based on actual expenses and revenues as they happen. With VSI's revolutionary enterprise model, there is no need to use assumptions or industry standard values for transactions and operations to generate approximate profitability. Data from all aspects of the enterprise is collected and revenue and expenses are updated on the fly. Profitability is instantly calculated using profitability rules custom to each implementation, resulting in an up to date profitability model that is calculated from the transaction up to the corporate levels.

The Virtual Strategy Portal provides comprehensive reporting out of the box using a series of wizards, so there is no need for programming. Decompositions allow users to break up data by type, customer, product, location, and employee using basic drop down menus. Geo-reports plot data on maps overlaid with external indicators such as income and traffic levels. Model view allows users to restructure products, close stores and segment customers in a drag and drop interface and see the results instantly. The resulting scenarios and views can be shared via e-mail, and a simple to use notification alert system sends e-mails, calls phones or pages individuals if reports meet certain conditions.





Nedcor Ltd, a multinational $21B bank created an enterprise model of 29 operating divisions, from 34 different sources of data, consolidating many financial, product and sales systems. Virtual Strategy also provided advanced scenario based program management capabilities that allow both strategic and tactical decisions to be 'played out' before they are made..

Implementation: 2 months


Consolidated financial Reporting across all operating units in your format with easy to use navigation, decomposition, forecasting and scenario based 'what if' capabilities.



Virtual Strategy provides electronic budget capabilities with rolling forward budget capabilities based on actual data. These dynamic budget 'books' may be distributed to decision makers across the enterprise.


Virtual Strategy unique technology takes on the form of your enterprise as it consolidates data from across the organization. The patent pending wizard based technology can create models of even the largest organizations in days.