Travel companies can produce accurate profitability figures for tour products, departures, customers, and booking agents by loading raw booking data along with detailed tour costs.

Virtual Strategy has fielded travel systems to analyze projected departure capacities as well as travel patterns by product, region, or customer segment. Using booking and customer data, VSI was able to develop forecasting tools to allow companies to forecast demand and decide departure numbers accordingly.

The system also loads updated currency conversion rates along with detailed tour costs, and provides executives and tour managers with scenario management and costing tools for pricing and fielding future tours. Intelligent reports provide a trailing booking history as well as histograms for comparison.

Users can also access detailed customer information for use in repeat sales, loyalty campaigns and segment analysis; directors can be ranked and scored for effectiveness and following; and tours can be restructured with updated projected price and profits available in real time.


Management of package volume by zones providing custom analysis of shipping alternatives. Analysis of custom pricing models for major accounts and the assessment on margin, revenue, shipping volumes and on sales commissions.

Scenario based analysis of shipping alternatives for Global 2000 customers based on actual shipments and forecasts.

  • Rapid enterprise implementations in 1-2 months
  • Easy to use interface lowers training and operations costs
  • Easy to administer, operate and enhance
  • Excel-based interface allows business analysts to create their own custom analysis and reports for deployment without the need for costly programming




Tauck deployed Virtual Strategy to provide analyze tour products, bookings, profitability and yield. Advanced forecasting and departure analysis were provided to manage profitability and yield in a volatile economy.

Implementation: 1 month.


Create electronic marketing campaign books linked to the sales, inventory, orders and other data as well as campaign results to create a closed loop solution



Use MAPINFO compatible geographic capabilities to plot any internal or external data by geography.



Scenario based management of suppliers, vendors, inventories and transportation alternatives. Analysis of custom pricing and margin alternatives with major accounts.