Components : Strategy Portal

The Virtual Strategy Solution is offered in an easy use information portal for the management of strategy and operations that includes access to operations data from across the enterprise, advanced scenario management and program management capabilities.


Analysis workbook provides a powerful suite of enterprise reporting tools in both graphic and spreadsheet formats . [ more ]


Use this tool to play out different scenarios using program management, forecasting results using data drawn directly from your enterprise...
[ more


Produce reports, create data links and manage loads without the need for programming using these wizards...
[ more ]


Create programs, campaigns and scenarios. Then share them with colleagues in this global initiative repository...[ more ]







Nedcor Ltd, a multinational $21B bank created an enterprise model of 29 operating divisions, from 34 different sources of data, consolidating many financial, product and sales systems. Virtual Strategy also provided advanced scenario based program management capabilities that allow both strategic and tactical decisions to be 'played out' before they are made..

Implementation: 2 months