Nedcor Ltd.

Nedcor Ltd., a $21 billion bank in South Africa, created a consolidated view of its lines of business ranging from banking and finance to cellular phones and credit card services. Nedcor's visions was to create a Strategic Intelligence Centre where all data was available in a form that could be readily accessed and used in the consideration of tactical and strategic alternatives and to disseminate that information out to executives and managers involved in strategic and tactical decisions.

Nedcor had attempted to use competing solutions utilizing classic data modeling techniques, however the large amounts of raw data--tens of gigabytes a month from over 30+ data source--made classic OLAP solutions unfeasible because of the immense hardware requirements and the failure of the software to scale to that level.

Nedcor needed an advanced scenario based program management to manage all initiatives in the bank and wanted to test their decisions in management and board meetings in advance of taking action.

The solution supports scenario management and operations profiling for analyzing the benefit, return, and impact of new products, changes in fee structures, branch additions and closings, acquisitions, and various other campaigns. The effects of each scenario could then be viewed in real-time based on the actual data in the enterprise model.

"Nedcor uses Virtual Strategy in it's Strategic Intelligence Centre to answer the key business questions of "What is happening? Why has it happened? What could happen next? and "What can we do about it?"

- Anton de Sousa, GM Retail Banking




  • Needed to integrate many lines of business to create cohesive picture of a complex enterprise.
  • Needed system that could handle huge amounts of raw data from over 30 disparate systems from many divisions
  • Present a single view of the entire enterprise, while allowing viewer segmentation and security
  • Needed an electronic program management with scenario management
  • Had to incorporate strategic indicators, risks, project details, and allow forecasting from actuals in enterprise model
  • Had to be easy to use and deploy for use in collaborative meeting


  • VSI deployed a complete decision-support information portal
  • Wizard-based analytical reporting allows executives to rapidly answer their own business questions.
  • Comprehensive scenario management tools allow project teams to manipulate any aspect of a program and see the enterprise-wide ripple effects in real time


2 months