Flexible & Scalable
VS can handle the very large amounts of data necessary to build an enterprise model, while maintaining both processing speed and flexibility so that the model can be altered quickly and easily as the business evolves.

Breadth & Depth
Classic OLAP solutions can give you either a very detailed narrow view, or conversely a wide shallow view, of your enterprise. The VSI architecture allows it to provide breadth and depth simultaneously, allowing you to get a truly accurate enterprise view from every angle.


Implementation Comparison
VS is easier and quicker to implement than any competing solution. This comparison is based on a $20 B bank implementation and illustrates the radical savings that our clients have achieved with this solution.



Modell's deployed Virtual Strategy to provide advanced POS based merchandising planning a profitability capabilities. Using VSI Modell's is able to assess profitability in near real time at all levels down to the SKU.

Implementation: 2 months