Averaging 1-2 months, Virtual Strategy implementations are as revolutionary as the product itself.

Using the product's wizards, custom implementations can be done from start to finish without the need for a single programmer, reducing resource and time requirements.

Business Analysts can schedule data loads, generate data series, and create custom reports right out of the box with nothing more than a knowledge of spreadsheets.

Because Virtual Strategy implementations are so simple, they require very little time from our clients. After 1-2 meetings lasting roughly a half day, our integration consultants can construct a full enterprise model including reports and custom metrics and indicators.

In addition, VSI's small data footprint allows businesses to spend less on infrastructure and upkeep, reducing the otherwise prohibitive ongoing costs of maintaining an enterprise analytics system. Instead, our clients house their data on standard Intel platforms with few maintenance requirements.

These tools allow VSI to implement a full enterprise solution in a matter of weeks instead of months. Most of our clients get preliminary models to review within 2-3 weeks, with final systems following shortly afterwards.

The result is a flexible model that is both completely up to date and updatable in order to handle changing business needs.

Faster, simpler implementations translate into immediate cost savings for our clients.



Modell's deployed Virtual Strategy to provide advanced POS based merchandising planning a profitability capabilities. Using VSI Modell's is able to assess profitability in near real time at all levels down to the SKU.

Implementation: 2 months