David Bowman
Founder, CTO
Bowman founded the company to create a product capable of rapidly building an interactive enterprise model capable of evaluating business alternatives before decisions were made.

Prior to founding Virtual Strategy, Bowman was Chief Architect at Fidelity Investments Systems Company, working to create a next generation work management product and worked on the development of one of the largest databases in the world.

He was Chief Architect, Director of Advanced Technology and Director of Architecture and Applicaton Tools at Wang laboratories. He was responsible for strategy and business planning, product development and marketing for language and tools products as well as for document and object management.
While reporting to the President and CEO, he parapered the blue print for restructuring the company saving $165M the first year and resulted in the creation of Wang's software business that was later sold for $300M. He managed multiple profit and loss centers of this business unit, built over 12 new products, filed for numerous patents and led coordinated development across all R&D groups. He worked to develop partnerships with Microsoft, IBM, HP, Computer Associates and Novell.

Bowman also held senior research and development positions with Gerber Scientific, developing operating systems, compilers, database, graphics, networking and CAD/CAM software. This software was used by most major manufacturing companies in the world. These companies include GE,Boeing, Ford, Saab, Daimler, and many others. The software also used to design the space shuttle.

Bowman is no stranger to starting a new venture based on one of his concepts. Virtual Strategy is the third company he has founded in his twenty-plus years of high technology success. He has also assisted investors as an advisor and at times as interrim CTO.





" Virtual Strategy permits our clients to test alternatives before decisions are made. Return on investment is almost immediate. "

- David Bowman, CTO