Are you looking to get involved in a fast growing pre-IPO startup and help build truly revolutionary technology?

Virtual Strategy has grown because very intelligent, self-motivated people share the same vision and are excited to help make it a reality. Everyone is required to understand the big picture, why Virtual Strategy is building certain tools and what kind of value they provide.

Everyone on the team thinks of Virtual Strategy not just as the place to work, but as their own company that they are helping build.

Virtual Strategy firmly believes in people having a lot of fun at work and does everything possible to make sure that people have an opportunity to get involved in whatever aspects of the company interest them most.

If you are interested in working at Virtual Strategy, there are two ways to send your resume and cover letter:

By fax: 617.456.3760
By e-mail:



Eastern Bank, a $4B bank deployed Virtual Strategy to provide an easy to use enterprise information portal to manage profitability at the product, customer, account, and branch levels based on the actual operating performance of the bank. VSI provided advanced 'what if' capabilities for retail banking operations in support of tactical and strategic decisions.

Implementation: 1 month

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