Virtual Strategy Releases Web-Based Version of its microCube™ Enterprise Data Analytics Software

Boston -- June 20, 2001 -- Virtual Strategy, Inc., the first true e-Strategic Enterprise Management (e-SEM) solutions provider, today announced the release of Version 2.0, which provides a Web-based version of its microCube™ Server technology. Virtual Strategy delivers e-SEM solutions that enable management to have an accurate, dynamic, personalized, real-time view of the entire enterprise for analysis and operational decision-making.

For years companies have turned to Strategic Enterprise Management engagements to develop the strategic plan on which business and operational decisions are made. Now, for the first time, Virtual Strategy has provided an e-SEM solution that creates an electronic manifestation of the strategic enterprise operations plan. Companies have spent millions of dollars on technology to automate systems, build networks and install state-of-the-art equipment, as well as implement pieces of the solution through departmental business intelligence and data warehousing. This vast infrastructure has provided the foundation for Virtual Strategy to build an enterprise-wide integrated operations model of any business, including financials, employees, products, customers, operations, and external sources of data. Virtual Strategy allows management to react to ever-changing market conditions and make quick decisions concerning profitability, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and cut backs ahead of the market.

"Virtual Strategy... helps executives determine their strategic goals and objectives by allowing them to perform scenario-based, what-if style analysis dynamically," said Lynne Harvey of Patricia Seybold Group. "This enables executives to analyze the costs and benefits of specific actions quickly, simulate potential ROI for any operational activity, and determine the strategic impact of specific decisions immediately." Virtual Strategy deployed the solution at Nedcor Ltd., a $21 billion bank in South Africa, integrating thirty plus data sources, including individual transactions for its 2 million customers, as well as HR data on its 15,000 employees. Scenario management and operations profiling is conducted to analyze the benefit, return, and impact of new products, changes in fee structures, branch restructuring, acquisitions, and various other campaigns.

"We are using Virtual Strategy in our Strategic Intelligence Centre, providing us the capability to manage all initiatives in the bank, and quickly model all our operations by answering the key business questions: What is happening, why is it happening, what might happen next, and what can be done about it," said Anton de Sousa, General Manager, Retail Banking, Nedcor Ltd. South Africa. "We are upgrading to Version 2.0 to disseminate this strategic decision making to our branches and allow us to manage marketing campaigns."

"Virtual Strategy takes data in its existing formats and builds microCube™ models that reflect how users manage their business," said David Bowman, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Virtual Strategy. "Utilizing Hierarchical Hybrid OLAP (H2OLAP™), the our solution will allow all strategic decision makers in the enterprise to have their own personalized view, for the first time providing a means to have access to all the data, all the time, right now. Enterprise data models will be orders of magnitude smaller, with only 20% of the implementation and operating resources of other technologies."

About Virtual Strategy, Inc.

Virtual Strategy delivers e-Strategic Enterprise Management (e-SEM) solutions that enable senior executives to have a dynamic, personalized view of the entire enterprise combined with the ability to evaluate strategic alternatives. Virtual Strategy's proprietary microCube™ solution allows companies to immediately respond to customers, partners and investors by making accurate, real-time decisions concerning profitability, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and cutbacks, while leveraging the companies' existing investments in data warehousing and business intelligence.

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