Virtual Strategy and VoxVue Announce Alliance

Boston -- March 10, 2004 

Virtual Strategy, Inc, a developer of business-analytics solutions  and VoxVue Corporation, manufacturer of BizScape 3D data-visualization software, today announced a strategic partnership that will enable enterprise analytics and data models to be graphically depicted and delivered to executives’ desktops as needed. The alliance is designed to help corporate decision makers take best advantage of Virtual Strategy’s business-data models by presenting and modeling them in 3D graphical frameworks created by BizScape. 

“This alliance will go a long way toward helping our customers manage their business intelligence and model different scenarios,” said Virtual Strategy founder and CEO David Bowman. “You can’t manage a business that you don’t understand. Our mission is to help executives collect large amounts of information from across an organization and use it to build strategic models of the entire enterprise. For example, our MicroCube™ model allows decision makers to relate different elements of corporate intelligence to each other on a real-time basis to support deeper understanding of their initiatives, customers, resources and other elements of an enterprise model. Enterprise management of alternatives necessarily involves understanding an immense amount of inter-related data. Seamlessly integrating BizScape with our analytical tools will improve the analytics process significantly. By using the data we capture to create easy-to-understand, three dimensional graphical models and delivering them to the desktop, BizScape will make it even easier for decision makers to quickly evaluate and model key business metrics.”

“We’re excited about the potential raised by this new partnership,” stated VoxVue CEO John Morey. “People understand complex information better when it’s depicted graphically. By integrating BizScape with Virtual Strategy’s analytics and scenario-management software, we can help business strategists understand where they are today and how to move forward efficiently. Unlike static graphing or charting tools, BizScape creates graphical models that always maintain their relationship to the underlying data driving them. Once data is depicted graphically with BizScape, it’s easy to model different scenarios entirely within the graphical BizScape world. That means that decision makers can assess the impact of proposed initiatives on the fly, either by modifying 3D models directly within BizScape, or the traditional way – by changing the underlying data and using BizScape to visualize the effect of the change. BizScape creates a seamless integration between data and graphics, allowing people to really get a handle on complex collections of inter-related data.”

“The net result,” said Morey, “is that enterprise decision makers can more easily create and manage initiatives, set strategic indicators and wisely assign risks and resources. Making sound business decisions is what makes the difference between success and failure in the long term. By combining Virtual Strategy’s analytics with BizScape’s graphical modeling capabilities, executives will have an unprecedented opportunity to ensure that they’re asking the right questions and that they fully understand all the implications of the options before they settle on an answer.”

About VoxVue Corporation

Founded in early 2002 and headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, our innovative approach to improving business modeling and strategy development through visual modeling software is winning acclaim from strategy practitioners within the Global 10K and at leading strategy consultancies worldwide. VoxVue has world-class domain expertise in visualization, analytics and data integration. The talented individuals at VoxVue form a unique team with deep experience in developing and delivering creative software solutions to business users and in leading strategy, operations, finance and business-development initiatives for global 10K companies.

About Virtual Strategy, Inc.

Virtual Strategy delivers Strategic and Tactical Enterprise Management solutions that enable senior executives others within an organization to have a dynamic, personalized view of the enterprise combined with the ability to evaluate strategic and tactical alternatives. Virtual Strategy's proprietary microCube™ solution allows companies to immediately respond to customers, partners and investors by making accurate, real-time decisions concerning profitability, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and cutbacks, while leveraging the companies' existing investments in data warehousing and business intelligence.

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